Fran Drescher, Sofia Milos, Martin Kove, Mario Cantone Among Season 2 Cast Of ‘Gravesend’

Sofia started filming 4 episodes of GRAVESEND , season 2 , an 80’s Brooklyn based Mob series, Taking on the role of Tina Telva, Her husband Crazy Chris (James Russo ) is in prison and it’s up to her to keep her family strong now, especially her daughter Rosemary (Gabriela Palminteri ). The series is created and directed by William De Meo . Also part of the project are Armand Assante (Gotti) , Fran Dresher (TheNanny), Paul Sorvino , Marty Kove ( Karate Kid ) , Mario Cantone ( sex in the city), Andrew Dice Clay, Peter Gaudio and more … You can see GRAVESEND on Amazon Prime.

Project Bluebook

Sofia Milos joined the cast of the Robert Zemeckis, David Eoleary, Sean Jablonski Jack Rapke, highly rated UFO drama #ProjectBluebook on the history Channel recurring through Season 2