Interview with Sofia Milos in ITALIANY.US

Photos by Alexo Wandael


Sofia Milos

La Mediterranea


Best known for her series regular role in the international hit show “CSI: Miami” for 7 seasons, as a detective Yelena Salas. Milos turned heads in “The Sopranos”, with her unforgettable role as Neapolitan Camorra boss Annalisa Zucca.
This year 2020 Milos recurred through season 2 of Robert Zemeckis’ “1960’ Project Bluebook”, as Daria a dangerous spy. Unfortunately the show was canceled due to Covid.
She also stars as detective Jennifer Stern in the new film noir “Fake News”, soon to be released.
Sofia recurred in the powerful role of defense attorney Mary Willis in the Dick Wolf NBC show “Chicago Justice”.
Some other shows include “Criminal Minds BB” and her recurring role on “Curb your Enthusiasm”, “Friends” and “ER” to mention a few of a long list.
Italian projects include “Lo Zio D’America” with Christian De Sica, directed by Rossella Izzo.
“Part Time”, directed by Angelo Longoni and the comedy “Odissea nell’Ospizio” directed by Jerry Cala’ that premiered last year.
Sofia received several Artistic Achievement awards: the Hellenic Times Award, BANF International Film Festival Award, Brentwood film festival Award for best actress and Capri Film Festival Excellence Award. Sofia is currently attached to the feature film comedy “Made Guys” and thriller “Witchboard” awaiting production post Covid.

What do you do in your life (work and fun)?
My passion is to bring characters to life written on a page. I give them a heartbeat with my own style and purpose, with the intent to inspire millions that will see that story in a tv show or movie… I’m an actress, an artist to the core in all I do. I love beauty in all things and beautiful souls. I love art, good food and Yoga. I’m also a painter, a chef and dancer by hobby. I particularly love dancing Salsa and Bachata, something I terribly miss during this pandemic where we can’t get too close to each other or even touch… My favorite thing to do in Los Angeles is walking on the beach and in parks such as Griffith Park where this photoshoot took place.

What made you leave Italy and chose Los Angeles?
In my heart I never left Italy. Though I traveled to New York at 19 years old for a year among many location as a model in those years, then returned to Milan, Italy also for modeling and permanently moved and settled in Los Angeles in my early twenties. I loved the weather, because basically it is summer 10 months out of the year and of course because of my career. The infamous Hollywood dream that has blessed me with the opportunity to study theatre with the best and work as an actress, allowing me to do what I love doing.

When I first arrived I was just going to stay and do an intensive theater training and then return to Italy. Little did I know, I would be staying here this long. I was very fortunate to have had a famous acting coach that really believed in me at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, Milton Katselas, and I stayed and studied 10 yrs with him, and continued to study theater throughout many tv series regulars roles, starting with “Cafe American” that ran for a year in 1994, as the eccentric high fashion model Fabiana Borelli, directed by the genius and 23 time Emmy award winner James Burrows. Following that I never stopped working from tv series after tv series. I did lots of comedies like 1.5 yrs on “Caroline in the city”, “Friends”, “ER”, “Mad about you”, several episodes on “Curb your enthusiasm” and many others. As well as a dozen movies in between series and the shows of course that propelled me to a new level with my respective characters on the Sopranos, and “CSI:Miami” which lasted 7yrs and therefore before I knew it, time flew by and I’m still here 27yrs later and my heart is still in Italy, dreaming of the perfect cappuccino without having to describe it when ordering and historical cobble stone streets. Time flies indeed so let’s enjoy the journey with all the ups snd downs.

Please share your best memory in the City.
Since I chose to stay in Los Angeles because of my career primarily, I would say booking my first series regular role was pretty amazing experience in 1993. After several auditions of a 11page sit-com scene from casting to producers to network. My then manager accompanied me to my first final network test. We were just exiting the Warner Brothers studios, where 5 finalists including me, with a 5 year contract in hand, tested for that very same role of Fabiana Borelli in “Cafe America” for NBC. The network had 5 contractual days to respond who won the 5yr series regular role. In other words 5 days where your life can go from ordinary or struggling for some to extraordinary overnight. We were leaving and heading towards her red Alpha Romeo in the studios parking lot when the casting Director called to let her know right there and then, I had booked it! And we didn’t even make it back home let alone 5 days wait. It was an amazing emotion, I remember she screamed so loud of joy and was jumping up and down and so proud of me. For a young immigrant Italian woman and actress with an accent to star in a network show was rare and pretty special. I was beyond happy to have mastered the American humor, style and rhythm and get the part over an American actress and it proved to be only the beginning of a beautiful Hollywood adventure and career. Still unaware that they don’t all go that way in this crazy fabulous Tinseltown. You win some, you loose many! And sometimes the losses can be heart breaking and the skill is in getting up and continuing the journey with the same passion. Sometimes the wins are life changing like “CSI: Miami” or “The Sopranos”. I am very grateful and blessed having landed many high profile shows and 8 series regulars as well as a dozen films. But I learned in this adventure never to take anything for granted and I am very grateful for my career and especially the one that lays ahead.

What made you choose this specific location and outfit?
I love the ocean and I love the forest. I was born in Switzerland by an Italian father and Greek mother. We did a lot of school excursions and hikes in the Swiss mountains, through gorgeous forests as well as family Picnics with a forest back drop, which are 2 of my favorite childhood memories that I hold dear in my heart.

Your thought about this project, ITALIANY.US
It’s a beautiful part of visual and narrated history , of other immigrated Italian people of all walks of life, and I am happy to be part of this story telling. Italians who wanted to continue or create their legacy in the land of opportunity where our creativity and dreams can come true, with hard work and some luck. Sometimes even broken dreams are part of this journey, that was perhaps much more complex than we immigrants thought… but still worth it.

How would you describe being an ambassador of the Italian style/culture abroad?
I’m proud of my Italian roots and culture and who knows me, they will confirm I’ve never lost what might be considered old-fashioned Mediterranean values. Perhaps it’s my way to keep our values alive abroad, bringing our style, our sense of beauty, class and fashion to our everyday life which distinguishes us. And it truly warms my heart how many Italian fans write me every day through social media beautiful things and basically declaring me their favorite ambassador as an actress abroad. I’m honored.
It gives my path a greater purpose and responsibility far away from the land I belong to in my heart. With this pandemic of 2020 I wasn’t able to spend the summer in Italy as devastating as the fact that all of us actors worldwide came to a still stand with our work, but hopefully we can soon resume our life’s and for us to perform in wonderful projects. After all, Italy is my home and Hollywood my playground.