“As a Greek and Italian, cooking is something I love to do. I learned the base of many of my recipes from my Greek mother who cooked for my Italian father, or my Italian Nonna, or Greek cousins, I grew up partially with a French family with Tunisian origins and was born in Switzerland. One would say my culinary palate and experiences are well traveled.
As you may know or have guessed I love to cook for my friends and been often asked why don’t I “open a restaurant” or do a “cooking show” or “write a Book” etc… so okay! Here it is!
Because of my desire to eat healthy, but love gourmet home made Meals, in my oftentimes busy schedule, I decided to start posting some recipes that are easy to make and mostly quick, and are actually good for you and your waistline.
Check back regularly for new delicious recipes!
Buon Appetito!”
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