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G R A V E S E N D Season 2
Trailer is out !
A hot 80’s Brooklyn tv show… old school and actors you love
Created by and Starring William De Meo (Gotti)
And a stellar cast :
Chaz Palminteri (Bronx Tale)
Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos)
Fran Drescher (The Nanny)
Armand Assante (American Gangster, Gotti)
SofiaMilos (The Sopranos, CSI:miami)
Marty Kove (Kobra Kai)
William Forsythe (Dick Tracy)
Andrew dice clay (A star Is Born)
Leo Rossi (Analyze This)
Gina Ger Shon (Bound, Face Off)
Mario Cantone (Sex In The City)
Tony Darrow (GoodFellas )
Paul Ben Victor (The Wire, The Irishman)
As well as many other wonderful actors I had the pleasure to work with in season 2 of GRAVESEND, like Gabriella Palminteri, who plays my daughter, Peter Gaudio, Jesse Kove, Christian De Meo, FrankVallelonga, Al Sapienza Paul Borghese, Frances Mignano to name a few.
– Produced by Michele Frantzeskos, Sandy Kyrkostas, Jordan Sarf, Ken Greenblatt, Chris De Meo

As soon as we have a release date I will let you know