Interview with Sofia Milos in Womens Daily Magazine

Photos by Cristina Bernes

Sofia Milos

An Inspiration for Women Worldwide


Sofia Milos is a woman who can, will, and has done it all. She is a polyglot, model, actress, chef, coach, and artist. Milos is no stranger to hard work and perseverance; she has found immense success through her ability to survive and thrive even in the toughest circumstances.

There is no doubt Milos is an inspiration to women worldwide, and it’s easy to understand why after hearing her life’s story. She is the quintessential example of a strong, independent, fearless woman.

Her Career –

I was born into an Italian and Greek family and grew up in Zurich, Switzerland. I started my professional modeling career at 15; I used what I earned to pay for my business and economics studies. I moved to Los Angeles 29 years ago after extensive travels during my modeling career. All that came with the bonus and fun to be able to communicate in seven languages!

I grew up surrounded by all forms of art, and because of this, I grew into the woman I am today. I learned so much about myself through the years of theatre study, great coaches, and the work I put into each role as an actor over the years.

At any given time in life, one either chooses to just succumb or to survive. I had no option but to choose to survive early on in my teenage years; it was a rather difficult time. As I mentally and spiritually grew into the woman I am today, I stopped surviving, and I started living!

Her Inspiration –

I find inspiration in so many corners of my life, in my survival instinct, and in the art of aesthetics and communication. I find inspiration in my ability to positively impact viewers worldwide through shared hopes and dreams that they can identify with. I came alive through the art of performance, it helped me heal, and it gave me hope; so, now I want to help the rest of the world experience this.

I’m grateful to the actresses I’ve always admired and been able to draw inspiration from, like Anna Magnani, Sofia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Monica Vitto, and Katharine Hepburn.

Her Favorite Projects –

I loved working on The Sopranos as Camorra Boss Annalisa Zucca. I loved the role, and I loved the cast. Though, I especially loved to be able to show the strength of a woman and her ability to confront anything, despite all appearances or pre-concepts.

I’m grateful that David Chase had this vision; he allowed me to bring Annalisa Zucca to life with the truth I want to tell about women and their strength and beauty. You couldn’t take for granted that many years ago seeing a strong and beautiful female character on the small screen.

Also, I will always remember Dan Ireland, the director of Passionada, very fondly. I played the starring role of Portuguese Fado singer Celia Amonte. We filmed in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

But, in truth, every project left me with a great gift, some greater than others, but, hopefully, I was successful in giving each project my own gifts too.

Her Challenges –

For as long as I can remember, my life has always been full of challenges.

I think I would’ve been bored trying to play it safe or take the easy way out. To become an actress and artist, you have to be courageous, committed, and fearless to be able to confront and overcome the many challenges you’ll face. You have to be willing to get up and continue with passion and vigor. The artist’s life sure isn’t the easy way of life, but it is gratifying.

If I were given the option between something comfortable and something challenging, I would always take the latter. That said, it has been an excellent adventure with incredible memories, rewards, travel, and much fun as well. I don’t regret anything other than not having been able to have children so far.

Her Hobbies –

I’m a chef; I love healthy Mediterranean cuisine. I dance salsa, paint, draw, work out, hike, do Pilates, and power yoga. I think my favorite thing to do is just take a walk down the beach with a good friend to take the world in.

“You can find over 20 of my recipes on my YouTube channel “Sofia’s kitchen with Sofia Milos“. Some are also on my Instagram page @SofiaMilos , Where you will find my incredible lasagna recipe as well as my healthy  Eggplant parmigiana (grilled, not fried), A truffle mushroom frittata , oven roasted chicken with honey mustard lemon dressing , Sicilian Caponata (vegan), Greek bamies (okra), my Brasciole or my ricotta balls in marinara sauce over gluten free spaghetti, my Ribollita (which is a classic Tuscan vegetable legume soup), Swiss apple tart, saltimbocca alla romana and more for you to enjoy “

I’ve also taken two writing masterclasses from people I admire, like Aaron Sorkin and Shonda Rhimes. I’ve also taken directing classes from Ron Howard. And other courses from wonderful actors like Helen Mirren and Samuel Jackson. I love to keep studying and learning.

Her Future –

As an actress, there’s so much more that I want to do. I keep learning and growing, which makes me excited for the next role I get to take on. I look forward to being a part of beautiful, interesting, powerful, entertaining stories in roles that challenge and surprise me.

Creating something impactful is a team effort, so I hope to be part of some wonderful costars and casts, with great directors and wonderful stories. The greater the platform, the more I can do to help; that’s my wish; it is the powerful circle of art—the wish of every artist perhaps.

I love my audience, so, of course, I always want to give them more. More than I thought I could, as anyone would like to do for their loved ones. One thing is sure I will always have dreams and goals, as I do believe we are “alive to the degree we can dream.”

Right now, I’m attached to several projects; some are features, there are a couple of tv projects. One film I’m working on is Made Guys, and another is Whitchboard; we’re supposed to start shooting soon in Oklahoma; keep your fingers crossed for me! I have other projects to be shot in Italy, but they are still in the prep stage.

Her Mission –

To add value to the world as an actress, business person, and woman. I aim to entertain and inspire people worldwide with my performances, products of aesthetics, passion, art, and health motivation.

What advice would you give to young artists who are striving to have a career in the industry?

First decide if this is really what you want to do. Because it’s more work than you think and a big commitment, bigger than you think, to say the least.

If it is, get into a great acting class. Keep studying, perform anywhere you can and keep practicing. Get an agent through your acting class mates, or coach or by showcasing. Stay or get in shape physically mentally and emotionally.  Keep your tools sharp!

Follow your dreams and never give up.  Learn how to fall and get up again like on a rebounder.  And just know it’s all part of success. There will be lows and there will be highs and if you persist and believe, there will be more highs than lows. But no matter the obstacles, keep your dreams alive. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family. Keep on shining your uniqueness.