SWELLS 1906 Earthquake Centennial wrap-up

Catherine Bigelow

Sirens thrilled the crowds, too: Sofia Milos, on her first official outing with Newsom, spent three hours at the expo, chatting, asking questions, eating cheesesteak sandwiches (sans bread for the svelte Scientologist). Even kissing babies. Sounding the alarm, one wag declared: “It looks like we have a new first lady.”

Later at the SFFD Firefighters’ Ball, the GavLos sparked a four-alarmer: he, dapper in a suit and red tie, she, sizzling in a curve-hugging red cocktail dress.

KGO-TV’s Don Sanchez, officially introducing Newsom and Milos (whom he welcomed to “her new adopted home”), intoned: “From the look of it, Sofia isn’t going to be putting out any fires, but rather starting them.”