Project Bluebook

Last night on Project Bluebook Sofia Milos joined the cast of the Robert Zemeckis, David O’Leary, Sean Jablonski, Jack Rapke, highly rated UFO drama Project Bluebook on the history Channel recurring through Season 2. Directed by Pete Travis, PROJECT BLUE BOOK is set in the early 1950’s.

Facing rising pressure from the public at large to explain terrifying and mysterious phenomena, the United States Air Force puts together a new division in charge of uncovering the truth behind sightings of unidentified flying objects. Milos will be playing the recurring role of Daria, a mysterious woman of great charm but intimidating power. She is a control agent to Russian spy Susie (Ksenia Solo). .

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FEB 11 th 10pm

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Clip from episode 203 “Area 51”