Sofia Milos is ‘Victoria Marston’, on ‘Desire’!

Sofia, as seen on her website! would like to welcome Sofia Milos, who portrays determined, ‘Victoria Marston’, on the exhilarating new dramatic Telenovela series, “Desire”!


Hi Sofia,

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to answer a few questions for us today!

Sofia: Hi Chrissi, my pleasure.


The staff here at is very excited! We spent Tuesday’s premiere evening watching Desire, finding it to be an action packed and intriguing show! Were you able to watch the premiere?

Sofia: Yes, I did! And I was very pleased with its quality, looks, music and editing. Can’t even fathom that 65 episodes were done in less then 4 months it just looks great! Kinda scary what that could provoke out there in Hollywood, hahaha 😉


We all hope it’s a great success!
Although Telenovelas have been around for decades, I am finding that many still feel that it’s a new style of soap! What are your thoughts on this, and how do you think that America will take to the different format of the English Telenovela?

Sofia: I think that Telenovelas have been popular around the world for a very long time, more so than game shows, or reality shows.
Its origin certainly is from the Latin market where they are extremely popular. In fact ours, DESIRE, is taken form a Columbian Telenovela called Mesa Para Tres. But it is Americanized. For one they are in English, less melodrama and it’s on film not tape, like soap’s are. So it’s different in that.
Also; it is a new format for the US. As it is in prime time, on every night, with a Saturday recap, But most of all it lasts for 13 weeks, and 65 episodes later you get to a resolution of the story. You do not have to wait 5, 10 or 20 years to get to it.
I think there is definitely a market here for this! My friends are already hooked I can see why! Look at these beautiful faces, bodies, good performances, quality they are getting on a nightly basis! It’s guilty pleasure! And the Cliffhangers make you want more! MORE!!! 😉 Guilty pleasure!


*Laughs* Thanks so much for the background on the show and Telenovelas! I’m sure that the fans will enjoy the history lesson, as did I! It’s so new to us all that I’m hoping it will catch on quickly! We’re really excited to hear that the Desire cast toured the country this summer, in promotion of the show. Can you tell us a little about what was involved with the tour?

Sofia: Interviews, talk shows, radio shows, red carpets, photo shoots etc.


It sounds like it was both hard work and very interesting! Already, people get the feeling that ‘Desire’ shares similarities to The Sopranos, (Where Sofia portrayed Mafia Boss, “Annalisa Zucca”.) Would you agree, and what are your thoughts on this?

Sofia: Yes I definitely would describe DESIRE as a mixture of shows like the Sopranos and Desperate Housewives and Dynasty.. Guilty pleasures as I said hahaha
Though there are similarities, there are also many differences. The Sopranos was an amazing experience for me. This is an incredible cast that’s been around for a while, veteran actors, and stories that are really cool and hip. With its different writing, and different style of acting, Desire is lightweight entertainment! It’s campy, fun, beautiful and don’t forget all new fresh faced wonderful actors who are happy to having gotten their first break and doing a great job!

Desire has 3 story lines. One; the romance, second the mafia, third the gold-digging Marstons that tie them all together and will end the story. My character is fun to play. She’s wicked at times always sophisticated and with one thing in mind; to get her fortune back no matter what, or HOW


Can you give the readers an idea of what a regular day on the set of “Desire” entailed?

Sofia: oh boy! Many hours sometimes 16 to 19 hours a day, 20 to 22 pages of dialogue over various scripts verses what I used to do on CSI MIAMI 6 to 8 pages a day. When you were done with one set you’d go to the next setsometimes 3 of them. Hence 3 different directors! Luxury was not an issue. But a great group of people that loved working together and doing what we love to do most; entertain!


I’m exhausted just hearing about it! So I gather there was no time for practical jokes?!

Sofia: not much time for pranks with that schedule let me tell ya,…..But we had good laughs and fun!


Much like myself, I hear you’re a big fan of Sofia Loren, Robert De Niro! Tell me, if there were one or two actors you could star opposite from, would they make the list, or would you have someone else in mind?

Sofia: I loved working with Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp though the movie was reshot with Latin actors for 6 of the roles and I ended up not being in the film, that was Don Juan De Marco..

I table read with De Niro on ‘Meet The Fockers’, and I think he is brilliant!

I love Al Pacino, admire greatly Meryl Streep, love Angelina Jolie’s work, would also love to work with Gerard Butler ( phantom of the Opera ) he’s a friend and he’s hot and a great kisser
I think I would look great working with George Clooneyand I have immense admiration for Tom Cruise because of his courage, talent and how proactive he is.


We will keep our fingers crossed that this happens for you in the future!! Sofia, can you share something about yourself that your fans may not know?

Sofia: I love to paint. I get emotional for beautiful things and for babies. I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs but love to dance and to party! And the closest I ever came to understanding politics is dating a major for 5 months. I am an artist.


Ahh, all fun and creative outlets! This in fact leads me to my next question! I read your philosophy of life, on your website!

“Never pray for it to be easier; pray to be stronger! Make your self stronger, study, work hard and succeed!
You have to search and discover what you want and love to do and then simply do it. Persevere. Don’t give up. And always do more than what you thought is the best you could do. Live in the future with which you create your present. Create and exchange, flourish and prosper! These are the things I learned, use everyday and want to share with you.”

I found it to be an excellent approach to life! Can you share with our readers, just how this has helped you in the pursuit of your ambitions and dreams with work and your personal life?

Sofia: If you can take the point of view, that you are responsible for your life and everything in it, good or bad, then make your self stronger and wiser to create a better Life! A richer Life is certainly a goal to aspire and go for, but you have to do it, not hope or pray for it, but DO it. Continuously studying, caring, being interested in others, share keep learning, becoming spiritually aware of your purpose and goals and follow them through.. It has made me a better person, a better actress a better friend and most definitely a happier human being!

Chrissi: Sounds good to me! I agree! Words we can all live by!

When I asked, Sofia had this to say about the website: Great website! Good Job!!! Very informative and fun for the readers.

Thanks! We’re glad you approve, and invite you to post in our comment fields and message boards!

Thank-you so much for your time! It’s a real pleasure to have you on our website, as our first interview from the new series ‘Desire’! Best wishes to you, and to the show! We’ll be watching!

~ Ciao!

Sofia: Ciao!!!

Those fans who crave more information about Sofia Milos, please visit her website at: Sofia Milos

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