Hollywood Greek Reporter, November 2010

Sofia Milos Unfolds Her Greek Side – By Alexander Leontaritis – Link

You definitely have seen her in many famous TV Series. Sofia Milos, an actress of Greek descent, gave an exclusive interview to Greek Hollywood Reporter and talked to us about her work, the reasons why she loves Greece, her unique cooking  and most importanlty her desire to start a family.

Tell us about your role in the hit TV Series “The Border”. How do you feel that the show has become so successful?

Τhis is a project that came to me in route on my way to Italy. Perhaps synchronistic as the title suggests  my very first meeting with creator, Peter Raymond occurred at the Border, in the VIP lounge in the airport. That is where the creative team pitched me the show in my two hour layover and I loved the concept. The role they proposed to me, was to be walking in the shoes of Homeland special agent Bianca La Garda for the next two and a half seasons. Not far from my own reality of arriving to the US as an immigrant, so is agent Bianca La Garda as she is from Italian and Cuban descent. Needless to say, that she headbutted with her Canadian counterparts on many official matters, but in the end they always came to a mutual respect and affinity and had the same goal of a common solution on hot topical issues.

They were really wonderful cast and writing team to have worked with and I feel it was a great privilege to personally sell the show with CBC’s Vice President Fred Fuchs and Executive Producer Peter Raymond at MIPCOM and have proudly sold the show to 29 countries. It was an unprecedented success of Canadian television in the last ten years.

You have played also in other popular TV Series like CSI Miami, Sopranos and Curb your Enthusiasm. How was your experience there?

I doubt your looking for a generic answer for such brilliant shows as each brought me a different and  wonderful experience. To have been part of CSI Miami as a regular and then a recurring character for the past seven years and having done approximately 67 episodes as Colombian detective Yelina Salas  a single mother, a detective, and the love interest of Horatio Caine. A show seen in 183 countries I feel very fortunate to have been part of this extremely successful and gratifying enterprise, it is unbeatable. One of my favorite recurring characters I have played to date was Annalisa Zucca, a Neapolitan that went toe to toe with Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) in the Sopranos. Of course the fun in working on a scriptless improvised show conducted by the likes of Larry David on Curb your Enthusiam. Needless to say I had a great time doing that recurring role.  Where as in the Sopranos I got to say “Fuck you”, in Curb your Enthusiam I got to “flip the finger”, very suitable for a Greek Italian.

Do you prefer working for cinema or for television?

I prefer a great role I can sink my teeth into.

Τell us about famous screen actors you have  worked with and admire them as persons.

I loved working with James Gandolfini, it’s always the big guys that turn out to be teddy bears. I had a wonderful time working with Jason Isaacs, my co-star in Passionada, a beautiful love story. I had a really fun time with Tim Meadows of Saturday Night Live in the film, The Ladies Man, where I played the role of seductress Cheryl. I haven’t worked with Tom Cruise, but I admire him very much as an all around wonderful person, same goes for John Travolta, not only do I admire him as a actor, family man, and husband, he’s just a genuine charismatic man. Jamie Foxx is a major generous talent and amazing friend, and so are many others.
Tell us about your childhood and how it was growing in Switzerland.

I just returned to Switzerland after being gone for over 20 years because I just shot a film, TATORT, directed by Markus Imboden, and with actor Stefan Gubser. We were shooting in Lucern and it was amazing to be back in Switzerland and getting to treat myself to all the goodies, especially fondue.

After living in Switzerland, you moved to Italy. How was it there?

Needless to say that my culture for food, clothes and men was inspired in my years in Italy cause I do feel like a Mediterranean woman. My Lasagna and Gemista or ‘stuffed vegetables’ remains unbeatable by any of my friends to date.

What were the difficulties you had to face as an actor?

Difficulties are one’s own considerations. It depends how much you buy into them and end

up believing them and make them your obstacles and sometimes sadly even the destination

of your dreams.

What is your experience with Greece?

I just came back from my holiday in Mykonos and Kalamata, where my mother is from. I have been going back every summer for the past four years. As well as having gone every other year until the age of fifteen to visit with my grandmother Sofia. I still have a lot of family in Kalamata, Athens, Finikounda and Sparta. I love Greece, I love the food and I love the people. Whenever I return I can recognize my greek roots…and my Kalamatiano’ is pretty good too, that shows I have quite a Greek side.

What are the things you like doing in your free time?

Cook, eat, hang out with my wonderful girlfriends, paint and plot with my boyfriend about getting pregnant and having plenty of fun doing that.

If you were to describe yourself in five words, what would you say?

Passionate, sincere, sensitive, logical and Mediterranean and because I feel special, I’ll take a sixth one I am forever a dreamer.
What are your future plans?

Family will be a priority.