2002 Seattle International Film Festival

Closing Night Gala
USA, 2002
108 minutes
World Premiere

In this cheeky romance, the gorgeous single mother of a strong-willed 15-year-old resists the amorous advances of a charming drifter whom her daughter is interested in for altogether different reasons. Sofia Milos (The Sopranos) provides a starmaking turn as Celia, a nightclub singer whose only interest lies in keeping her close-knit household together. Then a handsome gambler arrives in her small, New England fishing community and turns her ordered life upside down.

Some Reviews of “Passionada”:
– “I loved seeing New Bedford on the Big Screen. I loved the music,the cinematography and Sofia Milos’ performance was amazing. She became Portughese for the role and her ability and love of Fado comes through wonderfully in her singing performance.” -Bob Lovinger, Standard Times

– “I attended the SIFF and watched the premiere of PASSIONADA. It is beautyfully filmed with an European flavor. The scenes of New Bedford are spectacular. Sofia Milos putts her heart and soul into her performance. Her Fado singing is amazing. A movie for the whole family to watch.”
-Helena Marques, Exec. Dir., Immigrants Asst. Ctr.

– “It was one of the better closing night films.” – Julie M.

– “I really liked it. I loved the cinematography, the music and the performance of lead actress Sofia Milos.” – Alan Brown

– “The cast is superb! The music is outstanding.” – Eastcoast fan

– “I thought this was a wonderful film! The casting was great as was the acting.A very entertaining story. I wish it much succsess.” – Ddhd