Personal Facts

  • "Only when closing the doors of your past will windows to the future open up"...
  • "Sometimes leaving is a much greater act of power than to defend and attach oneself"...
  • "Let your self go towards your dreams, don't focus on your problems"

Describe yourself a bit.

Hmm...passionate, tenacious, romantic, loyal, adventurous, spiritual, Italian-Greek woman who at times just enjoys being a girl, always in for a challenge.

Photo by Michael Doven

What do you love?

  • I love beautiful things, and that also means beautiful people inside and out. Especially inside.
  • I have a great time shopping for beautiful things, especially clothes by Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Herve Leger, Valentino. I love big man swatches.
  • I love good food and fun.
  • I also love traveling as much as returning home.
  • I love to cuddle in front of the fire, listening to Andrea Bocelli, having candles everywhere.....I'm a romantic and love to be charmed, what can I say.
  • And I love surprises -- the good kind, the ones from the Heart.
  • I love seeing people in love and I love kids.
  • I love my family and friends very much.

What do you like the least?

...lies! Lies and bad body odor are number one. Broken promises and rudeness are a total turn off.

What places do you love?

I love the ocean, white sandy beaches. I of course also love Italy, especially Tuscany and Sardegna.

Photo by Denice Duff

What are your hobbies?

I love creating. I enjoy painting, cooking, making photo collages, reading, and spiritual study. Dancing Salsa! I love anything that makes me feel alive.

How do you keep in shape?

I used to be extremely active with Kickboxing and Tae Bo or Spinning, much less now. I like Pilates, power plate and power walks, Power Yoga and try to work out 3-5 times a week (time permitting).

Are you always busy?

I could be lazy! But I have too many things I want to do, so I rarely get to enjoy that part of me. I write a lot, everywhere, about everything, and I love to observe people, children and learn new things from the most unexpected sometimes.

Do you speak other languages? Which ones?

I speak 6 languages; fluent in English, Italian, French, and German, although I can carry a basic conversation also in Greek and Spanish and of course the Swiss dialect I grew up with. Because besides my Greek and Italian parents, I had a French nanny, went to school in Switzerland, worked in Spain, and have a housekeeper that speaks only Spanish. I learned English from my first boyfriend, an American.

Photo by Denice Duff

Since you're from Italy, how do you handle your accent in your work?

I have studied with some of the best voice and dialect coaches in Los Angeles. In fact, I am now able to speak English without an accent. My most influential coach for this was definitely Robert Easton, who is amazing! I also worked with Rowena Balos, and Jessica Drake in LA for a Spanish accent, and had a dialect coach to get the Sicilian accent right for the movie "Mafia!". I was taught a Napolitan accent and speech for my recurring role as the Mafia Boss Annalisa Zucca on "The Sopranos".

What are some of your favorite Movies?

Chicago, Like Water for Chocolate, Marriage Italian Style, Belle Epoque, Mediterraneo, Matrix, Swept Away (the original version!), Johnny Stecchino, An American in Rome....

Who are some of your favorite Actresses?

Some of my favorite to watch are Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Magnani, Katharine Hepburn, Sofia Loren, Jessica Lange, Julianne Moore, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson among a few.

Who are some of your favorite Actors?

Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Robert Downey, Jr., Marcello Mastroiani, Giancarlo Giannini, Alberto Sordi, Jr., and Kevin Kline, Jamie Foxx, Don Cheadle, Johnny Depp among a few.

Photo by Denice Duff

What Actors do you consider handsome and/or sexy?

Dean Martin was my idol when I was a kid, Marcello Mastroiani, Sean Connery, Marlon Brando, John Travolta, Antonio Banderas and definitely George Clooney. They all have those killer eyes.....that speaks louder than words.

What is sexy to you?

Humor and charm most of all. I also love a man's voice, his eyes and strong hands. I like a man who is charismatic, wise, intelligent, passionate, very caring and supportive.

Do you stay in touch with your family?

Oh yes, I'm on the phone all the time with my mom particularly.

What is your favorite flower?

Roses (red and white).

What is your diet?

I eat pretty healthy -- low carbs mainly. But, I do love chocolate.

Photo by Denice Duff

What is your favorite wine?

I don't really drink alcohol much, but I love a good Gewurztraminer the best or a glass of Crystal once in a while.

What is your weakness?

An Italian chocolate candy called "Baci", which means "kiss". I also like Nutella. Yum!

What is your philosophy in life?

  • Knowledge is power. Of course you must understand first what it is you want to know.
  • As Self determination combined with applicable study results in usable talent!
  • Of course there are always obstacles and the devils who want to stop us from succeeding,
  • But Obstacles can also stimulate us to do better.

My philosophy:

Never pray for it to be easier; pray to be stronger! make your self stronger, study, work hard and succeed!

You have to search and discover what you want and love to do and then simply do it. Persevere. Don't give up. And always do more than what you thought is the best you could do. Live in the future with which you create your present. Create and exchange, flourish and prosper! And most of all have FUN! Laugh a lot and love a lot. The best beauty secret is LOVE within. These are the things I learned, and want to share with you.

  • Force yourself to smile and you'll soon stop frowning.
  • Force yourself to laugh and you'll soon find something to laugh about.
  • Wax enthusiastic and you'll very soon feel so.
  • A being causes his own feelings.
  • The greatest Joy there is in Life is creating.Splurge on it!

-- L. Ron Hubbard

  • Don't pray for an easier life, pray to be a stronger man

-- John F. Kennedy

  • Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

-- Albert Einstein